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net-Trac: process tracking
for financial institutions
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Birmingham,AL, April 22,2010 -Shadow Ventures Software, a market leader in web-based software for Hospice, Home Health and Skilled Nursing, announced the changing of its name to
AMPLI care . The new Amplicare brand represents Shadow Ventures Software focus and success helping Hospice and Home Care organizations achieve sustainable business growth and operational excellence. Amplicare provides software as a hosted service over the Internet to over 250 agencies, including some of the largest in the country. More Info>>

Overcoming enterprise IT challenges is simple; simplify. Breaking-down your business into manageable processes opens the door to quickly finding and implementing a lasting resolution. Business processes include sales, product development, project completion, and more based on industry. Shadow Ventures Software has developed the software and expertise to streamline your business processes, meet your current challenges, and position your organization for the future.

Business Process Improvement

With the introduction of net-Trac, Shadow Ventures Software is the first to deliver a truly flexible Web-based tracking software solution. Requiring only an Internet connection and a Web browser, net-Trac is an easy, convenient and economical way for companies to stay on top of their most important business. Users enjoy both the rapid deployment of "off the shelf" software and the flexibility of custom programming.

Out of the Box - Outside the Box

net-Trac delivers the core functionality to handle most business processes and perform all required functions for most clients. For enterprise customers with unique requirements or integration needs Shadow Ventures Software stands ready to deliver world-class, strategic IT consulting. Shadow Ventures Software has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to exploit the strength of net-Trac in an integrated environment.