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net-Trac Features and Functions

  • My Portal—personalized view of enterprise-wide information increases productivity
  • Reports and Charts—provides status by location, market, and officer at your fingertips
  • Item Management—quickly create, update, and monitor data and processes
  • Knowledgebases—disseminate critical business information
  • Files—store and download corporate documents
  • Forums—discuss and resolve team or organizational issues online
  • News—easily share the latest company or industry information

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Flexible, Powerful, and Easy to Use, net-Trac:

  • Provides real-time access to the latest information on relationships, pipeline items, officers, exceptions, activities, and much more.
  • Allows you to instantly generate reports on opportunities, officer activities, revenue, and relationships.
  • Decreases compliance issues by consolidating documentation in one location rather than in multiple spreadsheets or employee’s file drawers or emails.
  • Captures your intellectual property, avoiding down-time when an officer is sick, on vacation, or leaves the organization.
  • Simplifies data entry, with fields customized for your organization, so that officers can quickly add and update their information.
  • Reduces turn-around times for loan decisions.
  • Enables you to quickly change loan parameters and closing dates.
  • Facilitates collaboration among geographically disperse teams.
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A Proven Solution

At Shadow Ventures Software, we specialize in providing our customers with proven, pragmatic, and cost-effective solutions that automate and streamline internal processes. Affordable and scalable, net-Trac is the ideal solution for financial institutions of all sizes. 

For licensing and implementation information, please email or call us at the number below.

Call Shadow Ventures Software at 866-329-3023
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