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Are You Looking to:

  • Enhance profitability?
  • Efficiently track sales or production processes?
  • Effectively monitor third-party relationships?
  • Decrease compliance issues?
  • Increase your results—daily?
  • End your weekly or monthly report-building process?

net-Trac can help!

net-Trac Clients

This is not a CRM product, but a very high functioning management tool that is easy for lenders to use.

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Do You Experience These Frustrations?

  • Pipeline information scattered across multiple and often outdated spreadsheets?
  • Customer information handwritten on a folder, written in emails, or stored in people's heads?
  • Progress notes on a specific loan, especially exception notes, scribbled on paper or notes stuck in a folder?
  • Delays in tracking down information for reports?
  • Relying on email to maintain account information or to accumulate data for a report?

net-Trac Can Make a Difference

net-Trac will provide you with access to every loan, from every customer, by officer and product, without leaving your desk or making a single phone call.

  • Track sales production by representative, loan type,net-Trac Bankers branch, and market.
  • Use automation to manage your organization, close more loans, and increase profits.
  • Communicate company wide and increase collaboration on projects.
  • Shorten paperwork turnaround times, like loan committee decisions.
  • Work within your existing system, instead of changing your processes to fit the software.

A Proven Solution

At Shadow Ventures Software, we specialize in providing our customers with proven, pragmatic, and cost-effective solutions that automate and streamline internal processes. Affordable and scalable, net-Trac is the ideal solution for financial institutions of all sizes. 

For licensing and implementation information, please email or call us at the number below.

Call Shadow Ventures Software at 866-329-3023
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