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tracking the rest of your business processes

unifying your team by providing common access
to projects, tasks, calendars, time tracking,
knowledgebase, discussion forums and more.

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Time Tracking | Security & Administration | Charting & Reporting | Knowledgebase
Discussion Forums | Files | News Articles

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My Portal @ 1024x768
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My Portal @ 1280x1024
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My Portal

  • Personalized view of enterprise-wide information
  • Configurable data views and arrangement
    • Adminstrator pre-configuration by role
    • User personalization at the desktop
  • Select presentation of a wide array of portlets
  • Calendar and meetings
  • Items, files and news of interest
  • Graphing, charting and reports
  • Many more...
  • Command and use legacy applications within 'My portal'
    • Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, more...
    • MRP, HRIS, CRM and other legacy applications
  • Flexible enough to suit any organization's structure
  • Personalized portal view maximizes productivity
  • Vital information and resources available at a glance
  • Favorite tools available at your fingertips
  • Provides oversight of projects, processes, performance, costs and more
  • Display charts and graphs for high-level
  • Selecting text-based presentation provides more detail
  • Charting and graphing views provide an overview at a glance
  • Provides employees the individualized tool to get the job done
  • Straightforward link to legacy applications
  • Centralized portal view streamlines the way people work

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Folder System

  • Information is organized in a comprehensive Folder System
  • Organize information associated to specific projects, processes, departments, clients, etc.
  • Supports unlimited nesting of sub-folders within folders
  • Completely user configurable
  • Flexible enough to fit any company's organizational or functional structure
  • Preserve vital data during the transition between processes or departments
  • Intuitive browser interface
  • Easy to search based on organized structure
  • Folders can be moved and/or copied as business changes

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Item List
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Item (Task) Management

  • Manages item assignments across multiple processes and projects
  • Sort and search items by a variety of fields
  • Tracks time spent at the item level
  • Items can be assigned to a user or a role
  • Retains a history of work (Audit trail)
  • Allows you to attach electronic files to tasks
  • Send e-mails from items and store a copy
  • Receive e-mail into items
  • Eliminates redundant processes
  • Maintains accountability throughout teams
  • Improve communications between team members and management
  • Improve managerial effectiveness
  • Managers can easily move item assignment among team members
  • Maintains history on all processes, projects and customers
  • Customize the data fields on each item to fit your business
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List View
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Pie Chart
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Multiple Views of Data

  • Calendar View
  • Chart View (Gantt, Bar, Pie and Line Charts)
  • Summary View
  • List View
  • Each user can setup their own personal portal view
  • View calendar by individual, project, process, company, client, etc.
  • Graphically display items in charts for high level view
  • Search, copy and move folders as business dictates
  • View sortable lists of items, forum discussions, knowledgebase articles, electronic files, news articles, etc.
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Time Tracking
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Time Sheet
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Time Tracking

  • Ability to track time multiple ways (Timer, Start/End, Elapsed)
  • Visually warns if elapsed time exceeds estimated time
  • Creates a time sheet for each user tracking time
  • Tracks time spent on entire projects and individual items
  • Produce client-specific reports for billing
  • Track progress of processes or projects
  • Use historical time tracking for more accurate forecasting
  • Compare actual time spent versus estimate
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Security Settings
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Security & Administration

  • Role-based Security
  • Members can be assigned to one or more roles
  • Administrators control amount of information or functionality available to users
  • Anytime Anywhere Access
  • Intuitive browser interface reduces administrator training time
  • Provides the ability to customize and co-brand the net-Trac interface (Login screen and banner)
  • Allows you to protect confidential information
  • Allow access to customers or business partners and easily restrict the data they see
  • All you need is a browser and Internet connection to access
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Bar Chart
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Advanced Charting
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Progress Tracking
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Time Tracking
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Charting & Reporting

  • View your data as bar, line, gantt or pie charts with just the click of a button
  • Provides real-time process and project information
  • Comprehensive set of predefined reports
  • Set and save filters for often used reports
  • Lock into report mode
  • Export data in XML for adhoc reporting
  • Improve managerial effectiveness through real-time reporting
  • Produce client-specific reports
  • Track progress of implementations
  • Use historical time tracking for more accurate forecasting
  • Creates the managerial 'dashboard' view of progress
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KnowledgeBase List
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KnowledgeBase Item View
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  • Searchable for ease of use and recall
  • Ability to maintain, organize and track product or process knowledge
  • Maintain info on development, implementation procedures and best practices
  • Restrict or grant security access to employees and clients
  • Attach electronic files
  • Decreases number of support calls and increases quality of support offered
  • Develops a more loyal client base by providing real-time company information
  • Streamline implementation through storing historical information
  • Publish policies and procedures
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Discussion Forums List
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Forum Detail
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Discussion Forums

  • Forums and discussions can be linked to specific subjects
  • Configurable access rights define who can view, post, moderate and administer forums
  • Offer clients direct communication with each other and your teams
  • E-mail alerts
  • Reduces the number of meetings required through online collaboration
  • Reduce project time by creating forums on specific project topics
  • Develop on-line user groups allowing clients to support and collaborate with each other
  • Forum administrator can monitor discussions
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File List
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File History
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  • Full-featured upload/download capabilities
  • Associate download instructions with specific files
  • Download folders can be linked to specific projects
  • Track when a file was last downloaded, the size of the file and the number of times it has been downloaded
  • Release of product patches and upgrades
  • Provides access to up-to-date corporate forms and documents
  • Eases deployment of internal software
  • Distribution of software to customers
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News List
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News Article Edit
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News Articles

  • Create news articles linked to specific project folders
  • Articles have effective and expiration dates
  • Access to articles can be controlled by security
  • Supports rich-text formatting and hyperlinks within news articles
  • E-mail articles to users
  • Attach electronic files
  • Post company Press Releases
  • Keep employees and customers informed about events, holidays, benefits, etc.
  • Develop a more loyal client base by providing real-time company information
  • Mass e-mail distribution of articles by role