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tracking the rest of your business processes

Partnering with Shadow Ventures to sell net-Trac can earn you an array of benefits.

Shadow Ventures’ partners program is structured to facilitate your success and provides you ongoing, useful marketing and technical support. Opportunities include revenue from initial sales and professional services, as well as subsequent license renewals and follow-on services.

Benefits to your customers

When net-Trac is employed, the positive effects ripple through your customer's entire enterprise. Communication and collaboration are enhanced. Streamlined and automated processes decrease turnaround time. Improved accountability and workflow impact your customers' employee job performance. At the same time, your customer's business operations gain momentum as knowledge is better managed and access to their valued corporate content is expanded. Ultimately, net-Trac gets your customers' people and resources working together like never before-and they will owe it all to you.

Other Benefits

Enjoy the confidence of marketing the net-Trac knowing that Shadow Ventures utilizes the best technology available in its software. You can also be proud to partner with a seasoned Shadow Ventures team experienced in product development, professional services and real world business. You can enjoy additional benefits from attaining Shadow Ventures partner status:
  • Finders
  • Marketing Partners
  • Sales Agents
  • Value Added Resellers (VARs)
Partnering with Shadow Ventures is easy. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware. All you do is sign up and attend our sales training class to increase your product knowledge and you are ready to get started building a significant monthly revenue stream.

Make Contact

Want to know more? Please contact a Shadow Ventures sales executive for program details: Contact Shadow Ventures