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tracking the rest of your business processes


Regardless of size, location or platform, net-Trac unifies your organization through a common, anytime-anywhere, intuitive interface. net-Trac benefits everyone.

This browser-centric suite of solutions is deployed over the web and is an enterprise application that concentrates the power of an organization's processes and information in one manageable location. At Shadow Ventures Software, we specialize in providing our customers with proven, pragmatic, and cost-effective software solutions that automate and track manual internal processes allowing them to offer innovative and compelling services to their customers at virtually no marginal cost.

New services generate new revenue streams while enhancing brand awareness and customer loyalty. According to a 2002 Thomson Media survey, neighborhood financiers are ready and willing to try to manage customers as if they were crops on a huge automated farm, with software signaling when to rotate, water and harvest for maximum growth.